Shift your Pattern of Stress and Regulate your Nervous System through Neurosculpting

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What is Neurosculpting?

Neurosculpting is a meditation technique that boosts neuroplasticity, allowing us to shift our perception and relationship to reality. It is a 5-step process that teaches you to manage mild to severe stress by combining neuroscience and active meditation to change your brain's pathways.

With time, focus, and repetition, Neurosculpting can help you unwind from illusions, limiting beliefs, patterns, triggers, and gremlin thoughts that keep you from living the life you want. These are pragmatic, science-based tools that give you ownership of your own growth and will equip you to live with authenticity, peace, and from an internal place that allows you to be calm, clear, and bright.

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How does it work?

Our brains map experiences two ways: through fear and through novelty/humor. When our brain detects a threat, whether it is real or imagined, we go into a stress response, a survival mode as a means of self-protection. We need this automatic response when we are in physical danger. So why do we engage in this stress response signaling adrenaline and cortisol to be released when we aren’t actively at risk in the moment? Our brains do not differentiate between reality and thought, especially if that neural pathway is well-rehearsed and frequently accessed.

Our brains are prediction machines.

Predictions that aren’t met turn into contraction and rigidity causing dysregulation. Our minds and bodies get stuck in a cycle of stress and contraction.

The good news is that our brains are the only organ that can change itself both functionally and structurally. That is amazing! When we understand how our brain maps experiences and memory, we can regenerate, reallocate, and rewire. Through the Neurosculpting 5-Step Process, typically around 20 minutes long, we engage left and right brain stimulation and body awareness for a whole-brain, whole-body approach to meditation and rewiring.

If you’re ready to try this practical, quick, fun, method of rewiring your brain, reach out via message or phone , or sign up for an upcoming class!

Foundations of Neurosculpting Class

Learn the brain basics of how neuroplasticity can transform your life, help you rewrite old patterns, heal from stress and trauma, and become the best you possible. This introductory class is designed for beginners. You will learn how to identify different brain states that hijack your ability to move forward, and gain powerful meditation tools to reverse that process. You’ll get hands-on experience in the Neurosculpting modality of meditation and brain entrainment, and you’ll learn some daily exercises to take this transformational practice into your everyday life.

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