What is Neurosculpting?

Neurosculpting is nervous system regulation through a 5-step process that boosts neuroplasticity, allowing us to boost our adaptability, and shift our perception and relationship to the realities of life. It’s toxic thought cleanup. It teaches you to manage mild to severe stress by combining neuroscience and active thinking through tools and practices to change your brains pathways in positive ways, thereby improving your mental and physical health. By taking agency of your own mind, you will shift your actions, behaviors, and words. This shift can impact every aspect of your life and relationships.

With time, focus, and repetition, Neurosculpting can help you unwind from stories, limiting beliefs, patterns, triggers, and gremlin thoughts that keep you from living the life you desire. These are pragmatic, science-based tools that give you ownership of your own growth and will equip you to cultivate authenticity and an internal space that results in a fulfilling, peaceful, and vibrant life.

While it is deeply therapeutic, I’m not a counselor. The focus is on learning tools, techniques and practices to implement in daily life.

How does it work?

Working with a Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, you will target specific content you want to discharge and begin to rewrite your nervous system’s hold on that pattern. Our brains map experiences two ways: through fear and through novelty/humor. When our brain detects a threat, whether it is real or imagined, we go into a stress response, a survival mode as a means of self-protection. We need this automatic response when we are in physical danger. So why do we engage in this stress response signaling adrenaline and cortisol to be released when we arent actively at risk in the moment? Our brains do not differentiate between reality and thought, especially if that neural pathway is well-rehearsed and frequently accessed.

Neurosculpting unlocks hope. Hope is already in you, Neurosculpting is the key to access it and integrate it into your moment to moment daily life. You can move out of your fear-based stories and reframe them through learning, growth, and adaptability. You can create shifts, one small step at a time to regulate your nervous system (brain, mind, and body) that is dysregulated, i.e. a little out of whack.

Predictions that arent met turn into contraction and rigidity causing dysregulation. Our minds and bodies then get stuck in a cycle of stress and contraction.

The good news is that our brains are the only organ that can change itself both functionally and structurally. That is amazing! That is what hope is made of—the potential for change. And our brains are always changing whether we are in control of that change or it’s just happening while we are unaware. When we understand how our brain maps experiences and memory, we can minimize our threat response in the face of non-threatening change. And by now in life you know that the only constant is that everything changes each and every day of our lives. Through the Neurosculpting 5-Step Process, we engage left and right brain stimulation and body awareness for a whole-brain, whole-body approach to managing our mind, brain-based meditation and creating something new that turns our goals and dreams into reality.

If youre ready to try this practical, quick, fun, method of rewiring your brain, book a free 30-minute clarity call to see if Neurosculpting is the best next step for you.

Our brains are prediction machines.

Introduction to Neurosculpting Class

Learn the brain basics of how neuroplasticity can transform your life, help you rewrite old patterns, heal from stress and trauma, and become the best you possible. This introductory class is designed for beginners. You will learn how to identify different brain states that hijack your ability to move forward and learn powerful tools to reverse that process. Youll get hands-on experience in the Neurosculpting modality of meditation and brain entrainment, and youll learn some daily exercises to take this transformational practice into your everyday life.

I’m so thankful I found Beth at Tranquil Flame as my life has benefited tremendously from her many talents. Her guided Neurosculpting techniques helped me to identify triggers and set my intentions for the meditation. Thank you, Beth! Your intuitive nature supported me in processing stuck thought patterns. My overall meditation practice improved and most of all I LOVE that I can use words or movements throughout my day to reinforce the new pathways. Neurosculpting reminds me of neurofeedback only better because it gives me the tools to use anytime.

Beverly Cully

I went to Beth for 3 sessions of Neurosculpting. In each session, there is goal setting, figuring out belief systems and what limiting beliefs there may be. Over the three sessions of Neurosculpting, I trained my brain to change my thought process on certain patterns I wanted to change that were holding me back. She taught me some tools to do that. The sessions that included meditation catered to me immensely. The whole process brought me more mindfulness.

Molly Zemke