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Beth Rose - Licensed Massage Therapist

Let over 15 years of experience reshape your life

Beth Rose sitting on bench at the beach

A lifetime love of nature, healthy remedies, and the most pragmatic ways to navigate change and healing in the body and mind led Beth Rose to pursue facilitating healing in others through NeuroSculpting, Licensed Massage Therapy, and Yomassage breath, stretch, and touch classes.

Feeling stuck in her own patterns and limiting beliefs brought Beth to learning how to rewire her brain and learn tools to mitigate triggers and the stress response, as well as boost growth and expansion in experiencing joy and calm in everyday life no matter the circumstances. Using neuroplasticity and brain science daily, profoundly and permanently shifted her mindset. She is passionate about honing the same skills in her own life, and teaching these tools to her clients to help them find their personal shift to bring joy, health, and expansive energy to every aspect of their lives.

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