The mission of Yomassage is to make therapeutic touch accessible. In a Yomassage class, clients receive therapeutic touch in a safe and welcoming environment, fully clothed, while relaxing in restorative positions and practicing breath work and mindfulness. Classes are in a small group setting, or a private class for 1-8 people. Sign up for a class at

Yomassage Self-Care Class

Learn tools you can use in your everyday life that help calm the body and release tension by finding common trigger points in the body and how to use the breath and Yomassage balls to find relief from tightness in a Yomassage Self-Care Workshop. Yomassage balls will be provided and can be purchased for $10 after class.

Become a Yomassage Therapist

Are you a License Massage Therapist looking to add to and diversify the services to your clients? Click the link below to learn how you can take a training course to be a Yomassage Therapist, Yomassage Self Care, Yomassage Supporter, Mindful Touch Practitioner, and advanced classes in Trauma-Informed Bodywork, and Energetic Bodywork.