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Burnout Brain Rewiring

The Burnout Brain Rewiring Program is a course designed to guide high-achieving women who are feeling drained and overwhelmed to build emotional resilience for clarity, calm, and confident communication.

Reduce Toxic Thinking!

Shift from Overwhelmed and Isolated to Calm, Confident, and Resilient in 10 weeks by becoming the Master of your own mind and nervous system. Book Your Free 30-minute Clarity Call.

I think all of the homework assignments were tremendous in guiding me to reflect and understand myself better. Starting off by getting clear on my goals/intentions for the 10 weeks was tremendously helpful in discerning what motivates me to want to rewire my brain. Then there were the journal prompts that helped me to dive deeper into what might be getting in my way as far as the 'old tapes' or messages that I've been telling myself. Wrapping up by establishing a blueprint for my future has helped me continue on my rewiring journal.

-S.W. Burnout Brain Client

I used the vagal toning almost daily, and still do. The ACE model really helped me humanize my thoughts and gain compassion on why up until now that I might have let certain fears define me and how to leverage that compassion to create a new narrative.

S.W. Burnout Brain Client

These tools could not have been introduced at a better time as far as having to deal with some difficult life circumstances. Normally, I would have not been able to overcome the anxiety and fear involved but have been able to get curious and explore how the situation might actually be beneficial to me and my family if I can keep an open mind to see how to make things work versus allow myself to get consumed with dread.

E.S. Burnout Brain Client

1. I am grateful that I have learned methods to not just “manage” my stress, but to STOP it in its tracks. 2. I am grateful that I am no longer fearful of intrusive memories, that I can analyze them, reinterpret them and not be bothered by them. 3. I am grateful that I am no longer living in fear of rejection, failure, or the unknown future. 4. I am grateful that I have learned skills and information that continue to improve my daily life. 5. I am grateful for how my growth has positively affected those around me, especially my family. 6. I am grateful that my brain can heal and has no limits to its growth.

S.W. Burnout Brain Client

I highly recommend this program. I feel like a new person. After going through decades of reactivity, anxiety, and fear, I can honestly say that I am so much calmer and significantly less fearful. At times, I may begin to react with fear or in a triggered manner. However, I am able to use the tools to quickly regroup and leave the fight or flight response. With my autistic son, I am calm during his meltdowns and not reactive/triggered into my own fight or flight. This enables him to regroup faster and not feel bad afterwards. Beth is a compassionate and insightful coach. She has developed a wonderful program that has improved my life significantly.

T.S. Burnout Brain Client

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Beth Rose

At Tranquil Flame Neurosculpting and Bodyworks, I offer private sessions and group classes to create a space and experience to heal body and mind.

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