The Relax, Reset, Rewire Retreats are a beautiful time to unplug, unwind, recharge, and learn some life-changing tools and practices to make every day of life more filled with curiosity, and peace, and less hijacked by toxic thoughts and responses.

This unique retreat gives you the opportunity to watch the sunrise over the ocean, reset your body with healthy foods, and rewire your brain and body patterns to rejuvenate and empower yourself in ways that will carry over into every aspect of your life.

About Retreat

Each retreat varies in classes, but they all include learning to regulate your own nervous system through Neurosculpting, Yomassage, Yoga, delicious cuisine, a time of silence for individual reflection, and a polar plunge. Past retreats have included classes in Restoring Gut Health, a Sound Bowl Journey, Aromatherapy, and Nutrition.

The Fall 2023 Retreat in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach will include the main classes, as well as getting creative and artsy with your expression of everything you experience through letting yourself relax, reflect, and interact with others who are on the journey to a healthier, happier mind, body, and life!

Fall Relax, Reset, Rewire Retreat

Friday, October 13, 4 pm-Sunday, October 15, 2023, 1 pm

Sandbridge, Virginia Beach


Learning how your brain works and tools to calm and regulate your own nervous system stress response—Neurosculpting with Beth Rose, CNSF

Gentle Somatic Yoga with Andrea Trank, Certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher, e-RYT

Yomassage-Breath, Stretch, Massage with Beth Rose, LMT

Meditative Art Experience with Sarah Whitwell, Heart Happy Art

Other classes incorporate chakra mala bracelet making, creativity, movement, breath, health & wellness—more details coming soon!


Price varies based on room selection: $549-699 and includes all delicious and nutritious meals, classes, and a swag bag

Unravel Your SCARF before the holidaze!

“Everything was my favorite! I’m very interested in attending more of these. I loved not having to think about food—cooking, preparing, cleaning!”

~RG, Spring 2023

“I give it all 5s! The knowledge of the presentees was amazing!”

MW, Spring 2023

“I loved the Neurosculpting class and meditations, the time with fellow participants, mornings at the beach, the polar plunge. The meals were amazing and the house was comfortable and relaxing.”

~GH, Fall 2022

“The retreat was a great flow of activities and breaks. The food was delicious, the classes were very informative, relaxing, and uplifting!”

~CS, Fall 2022

“A thousand thank yous for the all the thoughts, intentions, and energy you put into the process of our rewiring and relaxing. You are a remarkable group of women who have an abundance to share that will improve the journey of anyone who’s blessed to cross your paths.”

~Retreat participant, Spring 2022

“Wonderful! Just wonderful! So excited for future women to come and be empowered with these new tools!”

~Retreat participant, Spring 2022 

“Only my gratitude for putting on such an incredible weekend for us all! It was so well organized and you made us feel so welcome and supported. Thanks so much for everything!”

~JN, Spring 2022